What To Say (most these Days)[Feat. Adam
What To Say (Most These Days) [Feat. AdaBenji Lamar
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Singer Songwriter Benji Lamar


Benji Lamar is an Austin based singer-songwriter that has been performing professionally as a solo artist and with his band City of Decades since 2014. He is heavily influenced by great hit makers of the past like Frank Sinatra and The Beatles as well as the Pop-Punk he grew up with like Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy. Sprinkle some Americana pop like The Lumineers in there and you have Benji Lamar.

Teacher Giving Guitar Lessons
Benji as a Music Mentor

Benji teaches various instruments, audio software, songwriting, and how to navigate the business of music. From how to sing a scale to how to publish your own songs, Benji has you covered!


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